• Beyond® Equine semen extender, 100ml
  • Beyond® Equine semen extender, 100ml
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Beyond® Equine semen extender, 100ml

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 TOIMITUS VAIN OVELLE PAKETTINA. Valitse maksutavaksi yrityslasku.

Tarvitaan sentrifuugi.

5 askelta hevosen siemennesteen säilyvyyden pidentämiseksi Beyondin avulla

  1. Siemennesteen kerääminen ja arviointi
  2. Laimennus suhteessa 1:1 esilaimennusaineen (maitopohjaisen, jossa on antibiootteja, esim. EquiPlus) kanssa
  3. Sentrifugointi CushionFluidin kanssa tai ilman sitä
  4. Lopullinen laimennus Beyondilla, jotta saavutetaan 50-100 miljoonaa siittiösolua/ml
  5. Säilytys enintään 14 päivää. Riippuu oriista ja lämpötilasta.

Beyond®: The extender for long-term storage of chilled stallion semen

Game-changer for the horse breeding industry
Today, storage of chilled stallion semen is limited to only 3-4 days with the available extenders. Therefore, timing is very important at every step of artificial insemination (AI) in horses. Semen must be processed and shipped quickly, and insemination has to be perfectly synchronized with the mare‘s ovulation.

With Beyond®, semen storage is finally possible for up to 14 days at +5°C.

The development of Beyond® marks a revolutionary improvement of stallion semen preservation. Ejaculates of high initial quality can now be stored for up to two weeks post collection. More than just being a storage medium, Beyond® contains many high-grade ingredients that maintain the fertility of the sperm.

Beyond® opens a whole new perspective for the horse breeding industry, allowing longer storage, and shipping times. It also reduces the amounts of weekly semen collections from highly demanded stallions, which is an important improvement of efficiency of stallion stud farms and of animal welfare.

Your benefits at a glance
Semen storage and transport for up to 14 days at +5°C
The semen of so-called “poor coolers” – stallions that do not respond well to chilling and freezing or have low initial semen quality – can be stored for up to 7 days at +17°C
Less collections and more flexible logistics of AI
Longer storage time decreases the number of shipments of insemination doses
Chemically defined, purely synthetic extender
Ready-to-use in 100 ml bottles
Lower risk of causing uterine inflammation
Produced and quality controlled under GMP-certified guidelines

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