DENTANOMIC Set – Silver | Long Handle

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Your complete set of luxators and elevators for the modern veterinary practice.

DENTANOMIC instruments are premium surgical tools with superb tempered and hardened modular blades making dental extraction in dogs and cats easier, safer and faster.

  • Blades are made from top quality, hardened stainless steel and cut much better than conventional instruments
  • Unique modular design allows easy blade replacement when blades are blunt or damaged
  • Ergonomic handle design promotes safe palm grip, only minimal finger force is required to stabilise the cutting edge
  • Long handles are perfectly balanced and sized for surgeons with hands up to 8.0 glove size

Set consists

  • 3 long handles (green, blue and pink)
  • Elevator blade set (all sizes)
  • Luxator blade set (all sizes)
  • Sterilisation and storage rack
  • Honing set

Excludes Equine blades

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