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Mistral-Air II Warming Unit

Tuotekoodi: 648090

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Warming System for Small Animals

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This new and improved warming system quietly delivers forced air through a low pressure blanket that is specifically designed to evenly deliver diffused warm air over the surface of the patient, helping to prevent the onset of hypothermia.

  • Safe and effective management of patient body temperature 
  • Optimal performance through uniform heat distribution 
  • Extremeley powerful and quiet 
  • Only 30 seconds to warm up 
  • Temperature set points: 32°C, 38°C, 43°C or ambient air 
  • Multiple alarm options for patient safety 
  • Pole clamp for secure fixation 
  • Compact dimensions (in cm) : L 16 x W 35 x H 40 
  • Includes: 10 disposable blankets